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We recently ran an Instagram contest where we asked all of you to tell us some of your all-time favorite places. Whether it’s a place you discovered in 2016 or a place you’ve been psyched to explore in 2017, we wanted to share the full list with everyone so you can enjoy more #ROC adventures! Here’s what you had to say:

Places Discovered in 2016

The Eastman Gardens@_daylilly_

River Walk behind the Holiday Inn - @lys97

Lamberton Conservatory@elizabeth_lenz

The top of the Metropolitan@servemethesky, @artstagram5

Maplewood Rose Garden@linda_w00

Glen Edith@iloveaparade

SEA - @iloveaparade


Bubble Fusion@yueezhu

The glass house - @jewelmastro

The walking gardens behind the First Unitarian Church on Winton - @cpclemens

Webster Pier at sunset - @sam_smithh

The Memorial Art Gallery@cheeksv

Parcel 5, with the Liberty Pole and Fuego Coffee nearby - @magrochester


Linear Garden in North Winton Village - @timstagram222


Places to Explore in 2017

That Roc Train Bridge - @servemethesky

Roc Brewing@paigedoerner

The Waffle Factory - @artstagram5

Low Falls@artstagram5

Genesee Brew House@jeffcontests

Buffalo Botanical Gardens@elizabeth_lenz

Inside the Stone Tolan House@cpclemens

Chimney Bluffs@brihildreth

Oak Hill@stromie

High Falls@thebigtoeproductiondiary

Turning Point Park - @timstagram222

Any favorites we missed? Let us know! Share a photo on Instagram with #iheartroc. We’d love to hear more of your favorite places in our beloved Rochester.