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Thanksgiving is an excellent opportunity to sit back and reflect for a moment on all that we have to be grateful for, before we go hurtling full speed ahead into the more commercialized portion of the holiday season. Today, we are taking a few minutes to think about all that we have to be grateful for while living in the #ROC. Here are a few highlights:

  1. We have incredible outdoor spaces we get to enjoy on the reg: “The sunken gardens around Highland are beautiful...Mt. Hope is also full of beautiful places—it’s like a whole other world in there.” - Abby DeVuyst
  2. Our art scene is vibrant: “The arts community here and the opportunities available are my favorite part. We’re located near so many different options, from the Brainery to museums, family events to festivals.” - Shannon Halligan
  3. We put on some unique and unusual events that are super awesome: “Rochester Cocktail Revival’s events are definitely up there—like their crazy themed parties. There’s no feeling like walking into an 80s disco dance party at Cure or a bartender battle. Bartender battles are just something we own as a city. We pack an absurd number of people into a venue to do stuff like this, and it’s so cool!” - Elise Miklich
  4. The people here are something else. Hardworkers who get shit done: “People are just making it happen here.” - Aaron Rizzo
  5. Even when the weather is gloomy, there are things to do: “There’s a sledding hill at Mendon Ponds that’s really great. Feeding the chickadees there is fun too. It’s best to go after a fresh day of snow.” - Chad T. Krohn
  6. We have tons of interesting neighborhoods with distinct personalities. We all have our favorites. For example, “Swillburg—my aunt used to live there in the most unique house. It’s got Cobbs Hill, Pinnacle Hill, Highland Park, the Lilac Festival, and the Highland Park Diner—it’s amazing. One of the most beautiful areas of the city.” - Dan McMorrow 
  7. The food is fantastic: “McCann’s is just the best—it’s a Friday treat...We go and buy steak tips and peanut butter cookies, and cook up the steak at home and enjoy it. The sloppy joe’s at McCann’s are also amazing.” - Sarah Thornton of River Campus Libraries
  8. There’s a certain friendly vibe to our community that you don’t find elsewhere: “I like the way people are here; they’re friendly and have a broad perspective. It’s a unique Upstate/Western New York ethos. Saying ‘hi’ on the street is special.” - Grant Dever of River Campus Libraries
  9. So many trails! Plenty of places to hike or bike: “The Brickyard Trail in Brighton is another one of my favorite places—you always see deer and foxes at dusk, plus ducks, geese, and fish; we even watched snapping turtles nest in the summer!” - Eric C. Wilder
  10. The city is transforming all around us, but we remember and honor our past: “I love the history and that we’re maintaining it as we continue to rebuild. We’re maintaining the integrity of downtown while we support this new era of Rochester.” - Hope Breen

However you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, we hope you have a very happy day with loved ones and delicious food. What are you grateful for this year?