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Surviving Winter in the South Wedge: A Neighborhood Guide

By Shelby Przybylek


You've danced at Lux, you've tried new beer at Tap & Mallet, and you've eaten a giant sandwich at Harry G's. You know the South Wedge, what more could there be?

So much more!

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My favorite activity during these cold but inevitable Rochester winters is bundling up and going for a walk. Fortunately this is the best time to wander and explore the Wedge. So grab a coffee from Equal Grounds and take a walk with me!

I usually leave my house and head up to Mount Hope Cemetery; there's something so serene about exploring the seemingly endless rows and rows of beautiful gravestones and monuments. Some of the paths that don't get plowed are so serene and untouched, it really helps me gather my thoughts and clear my head.

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After a good stroll, waving hello to Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony, I head over to Highland Park. If it's bitter cold I pop in to Lamberton Conservatory to see what's growing. The flora there is the cure for any kind of winter blues you could possibly have. Then I stop up at the reservoir, and catch one of the best (non-skyline) views of Rochester.

It's all downhill from there, literally! I let myself wander through the neighborhoods (usually with my dog at my side) and see if there's anything interesting going on. There's always something in the South Wedge. A good pass time on a winter walk is to find as many murals as you can. Did you know there's a painting of Frederick Douglass in the Wedge? Now you do! Seeing the creativity of artists in mural form really cheers me up. Plus they really stand out against all this snow we get!

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With the aforementioned information under your hat, get out there and take a walk! Stop by my shop, Little Button Craft and say hello. We'll be happy to let you warm up while you're exploring. We can also give you some more hidden secrets about the neighborhood that weren't listed here!

Shelby is an I Heart ROC alumna. Check out her interview here.