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Taylor Wroblewski

Nazareth Student & New Contributor

Interview No. 28

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"I love the arts and culture scene in Rochester."

What part of Rochester are you from?

I am from Marion, NY - a very small, rural, town about 30 minutes outside of Rochester.

What is your favorite part of living in Rochester?

I love the arts and culture scene in Rochester. As a full-time college student, I enjoy any place that serves coffee and provides me with a study space.

Do you have any favorite/secret spots?

This isn’t necessarily a secret, but I love hanging out on Cobb’s Hill during the summertime. It’s a great place to take pictures, enjoy the Rochester skyline, or go for a run.


What is your favorite time of day to hang out in the city?

It depends on the time of year. During the fall and winter months, I love being in the city in the afternoon. In the summer? I love anywhere I can be outside. Charlotte or Durand Beach, outdoor seating at my favorite restaurant, or going for a run in Ellison Park.

What is your favorite day of the week?

Who doesn’t love the weekends? Lazy Sundays filled with good coffee and good books are my absolute favorite.

Describe your dream Rochester day.

Sunny in the morning, overcast turned into thunderstorms in the evening. It sounds crazy, but in Rochester that kind of day is very possible.

Do you have a favorite neighborhood?

Park Ave or SOTA! Park Ave for the food culture, and SOTA for the arts culture.

Favorite bar?

The Beer Market in College Town, by the University of Rochester, is a great place for food and drinks. Tons of options, tons of flavors, and endless possibilities.

Favorite hungover eating spot?

Blu Wolf Bistro, on Park Avenue, has amazing hangover bowls. Literally. From the ‘classic hangover’ to the ‘west coast hangover’, these are the classiest versions of the garbage plate you’ll ever eat. They consist of hash browns, eggs, sausage, and gravy with a variety of toppings, like: avocados, tomatoes, pulled pork, tater tots, and more. All of these delicious ingredients are piled into one, massive, ceramic cereal bowl.

What is your personal coping mechanism for cold/gray weather?

I love to embrace the cold, gray weather. Cuddling up with a good book or purposely exploring Rochester in its natural state are some of my favorite coping techniques. There’s nothing better than a latte and cloudy skies.

What is your favorite Rochester memory?

One of my favorite Rochester memories is pursuing an internship with the Rochester Broadway Theatre League at the Auditorium Theatre. There is so much culture injected into every inch of the Auditorium. It was fantastic to be able to work, perform, and watch at this Rochester landmark.


You’re always welcomed into new places, new restaurants and there’s always something to do.

What makes Rochester unique?

I think Rochester is unique because of its community; you almost always know someone at East Ave. Wegmans or downtown when you’re out with your friends. You’re always welcomed into new places, new restaurants and there’s always something to do.

What do you think could be improved?

I think we could expand our college scene. The development of College Town on Mt. Hope Avenue created a great place for students to hang out. More places, like College Town, would help develop an excellent environment for students.

If Rochester were a drink, what would it be?

A Genny Cream Ale.

Taylor Wroblewski is a student at Nazareth College, a self-proclaimed coffee enthusiast, and our newest contributor. Welcome to the I Heart ROC team, Taylor! Look for her contributions here on our site and check out more of her perspective on our Instagram.