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According to our first 50 interviewees

1. Get away from the city while you’re in the heart of the city, and explore Low Falls. See if you can find the cave down there!
Julie Adner

2. See a movie at the Dryden! The introductions at the beginning and the well-curated movie selections make it so worth the $8 admission price!
Juliana Culbert

3. Feed the chickadees at Mendon Ponds Park.
AJ Mosher

4. Check out Lakeshore Record Exchange on Park, near Magnolia’s!
Michele Judkins

5. Check out some art at RoCo--it’s small, so you don’t have to spend all day there, but they have great stuff.
Frankie Bonn

6. Try out Geeks Who Drink trivia! They’re at lots of different bars throughout the week.
Steph Fallon

7. Eat some delicious Dibella’s subs.
Kim Springer

8. Check out Washington Square Park.
Meg Ameden

9. Hang out at the Old Toad and be sure to chat with the bartenders.
The Corbins

10. Find Beattie Beach and wade out to the sandbar. Have a beer there.
John Ellis

11. Go to the Park Bench on Monroe. Not an actual bench, but a bar! It’s small, and you’ll miss it if you’re not looking for it. They have great chicken wings!
Danielle Sauers

12. Four words: sick local coffee shop. Try one. Like Spot, Boulder, or Starry Nites!
Like Violence

13. Stop by the George Eastman Museum.
Anthony Vence

14. Have breakfast with friends at Pat’s Coffee Mug
Madelyn & Jennifer - Little Button

15. Explore Pinnacle Hill
Matt Rogers

16. Explore Webster Park! Totally underrated and never too crowded. 
Jacalyn Meyvis

17. Take a loooooooong walk through the city, stopping only for photos and snacks. 
Tony Palermo

18. Attend Zoo Brew at Seneca Park Zoo! Beer and animals! What more could you want? 
Calin Lawrence

19. Explore Turning Point Park, regardless of the temperature! 
Emma Daitz

20. Try the Caribbean/Jamaican food at Peppa Pot in the Wedge! 
Breanna Banford

21. Explore the High Falls area! 
Stephen Luke

22. Try skateboarding in a local skate park like Basil
Denard Smith

23. Hang out in the city at night. 
Na’Tasha Jones

24. Run into someone you know at Java’s
Nate Leisenring

25. Hang out at Press Coffee Bar on a warm day, sitting outside and listening to the Eastman students practice. 
Amanda DeFisher

26. Find the graffiti-covered water towers behind Cobbs Hill and enjoy the amazing art. 
Emily Hessney

27. Hang out at the Hungerford Building--meet some artists and discover new things. 
Jenny Johnson

28. Experience an RBTL show at the Auditorium Theatre
Taylor Wroblewski

29. Find something delicious to eat at McCann’s Meats. Like Black Button, they have an awesome emphasis on sustainability and community. 
Jason Barrett

30. Eat at Han Noodle Bar. You can bring your own drinks! 
Sam DiBona and Sarah Hudson

31. Have a drink at Cheshire in the South Wedge. 
Katy LaJuett

32. Go find (and walk across) that ROC train bridge by High Falls! 
Jessica Waydelis

33. Take a walk through Irondequoit Bay Park West
Dave Meleca

34. Go for a bike ride on the path along the Genesee River! 
Kelly and Aaron Metras

35. Spend some time exploring MLK park
Charles Moreland

36. Check out Northampton Park
Maria Gorre

37. Explore some museums and galleries and meet some artists on First Fridays
Jessica Gasbarre

38. Go see a show at one of the many amazing theaters we have here in Rochester! 
Jennifer Caton

39. Try a French 75 at the Daily Refresher
Hannah Barry

40. Have dinner at Natural Oasis on Monroe. 
Kelsey Delmotte

41. Take a long walk through Mt. Hope Cemetery on a sunny summer morning. 
Joanie Fraver

42. Go see the Hill Cumorah pageant. It represents a fascinating slice of local history! 
Chris Clemens

43. Hike Chimney Bluffs
Nicole Kazimer

44. Explore the village of Fairport
Nicole Antonini

45. Enjoy a picnic lunch in Highland Park
Danielle Raymo

46. Go see the RPO perform on the Main Street Bridge on the 4th of July! 
Greg Best

47. Attend an RMSC after dark event. 
Dan Schneiderman

48. Check out RIT’s Big Shot
Eboni Jones

49. Visit the White Lady Castle in Durand Eastman Park. 
Terry Sinopoli

50. Go see an eccentric show at Fringe Festival--something you might not otherwise see! 
Matt DeTurck